• If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up someplace else.

    – Yogi Berra

    Clarity on results comes first for a Better World

    The easiest way to be on target is by having one.


    Clarity of results means both knowing a destination in exacting detail and then making the vision operational – that's being on target.


    A clear destination ALWAYS creates powerful ignition of all potentials for achieving scale success!


    After 20+years of helping clients clarify and achieve their desired destinations in many industries the biggest challenge is getting to scale. I can guarantee clear targets with an innovation path forward to scale success in any domain, but it's up to you:


    Are you ready for rapid, hands-on progress with teams?


    Many ho-hum consultants sell rah-rah advice and dispense theory from the sidelines – and that's ok – my rates are much higher for if you choose to dumb down into such aerobic activities. Readiness for rapid change takes hands-on alignment of existing talent. We can't phone this work in, and neither can you – are you and your team ready?


    Once experienced, you will prefer starting with the end in mind.


    Significance in scaling your desired success is not only our starting point – it is a renewable skill and resource your team develops and retains. Well after our work is done you and your team will be able to cultivate and accelerate their evolving innovation capacities and readiness across all work activities.


    Among many myriad paths forward to improving progress and ongoing potentials for achieving scale success lies the most practical, affordable and fastest route. If you're not already on it, wouldn't you want to get there now?


    Advisory expertise and initial work products get you on target include:

    • Strategic mapping of desired outcomes;
    • Target setting and team mobilization by key milestones;
    • Organizational capacity and readiness due diligence;
    • Leadership and team energy audits;
    • Full activation of team talent potentials, including mobilization of extended community;
    • Design of client/customer/user choice architecture and fitness landscapes for innovation development and evolution.

    Innovation adoption practices produce better results indefinitely – and then desired outcomes seem to magically happen... with Be On Target practices success becomes inevitable, and much faster than you think possible...

  • Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing.

    – Oscar Wilde

  • Advisory & Consulting

    Rob brings the magic – he gets people to visualize superior results and then achieve them. Simply amazing.

    – J.P. Newman, CEO / Thrive FP


    Rob Hanna has been one of the top three most influential mentors to Sword & Plough since the first day I met him at the Dell Social Innovation Lab.

    – Emily Núñez Cavness, Co-Founder & CEO of Sword & Plough



    Challenge from a startup venture: develop an approach to becoming the authority on all festivals in the world and capture enough of the market (before competitors gain share) to improve our valuation before Series A round.

    Strategy: established an inside sales team and targeted a merger of our top brand competitor, Fest300. Aligned progress in both endeavors to widen our moat in wrapping up the market, enticing a global brand to sign on as an affiliate partner, gaining top-line revenue while burnishing brand reputation as the festival authority with FEST 300 founder Chip Conley on our board...


    It made our A round a smashing success.


    Challenge from a world renowned think tank: grow our community self help program in New York to a grand scale of success across the entire nation.

    Innovation: redesigned their EPA grant and Ford Foundation PRI project to create public private investment partnerships and scaled operations to 16 states. Saved many millions of dollars in public spending while bringing first-time, clean drinking water to 100,000+ residents in poor and rural communities – those who otherwise wouldn't have gotten it.

    Bonus innovation: turned the Institute's grant-funded, drawdown project into a fee revenue social impact program, earning millions in technical assistance contracts to support scaling more results.


    Won three governors' awards in the process.

    Global Impact Architect

    Challenge from a collaborative public/private partnership: UT Austin and Dell wanted me to architect a way to activate student social entrepreneurs across the world... using an existing online business plan competition format.

    Impacts: when I pressed for clarity on exactly what type student entrepreneurship growth they wanted, they wanted much more diversity than MBAs and engineering students – so I threw out their business plan competition. I then designed and brought to market the Dell Social Innovation Challenge with five challenging, simple questions, e.g. "who gains the most?". All it took was faith in the format by many talented others. We launched online with clarity on value powerful enough to attract over 300,000 participants of every diverse culture across 100 countries, and activated more than 6,000 social innovation venture teams lead by student entrepreneurs.


    All that milestone progress within 18 months.

  • Innovation for Your Better World

    Share your greatest ambitions and we'll make them into targets with tailored innovation frameworks and tools to improve your record in hitting them.